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by May 1, 2022

Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Counseling in San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, CA, California - Elisa 'Lisa' Lipton, LMFTDiscover Your Potential and Live Your Truth

Each and every one of us learned how to function in the world from our families while growing up. Whether our families consisted of a single parent, a large family full of siblings, or an orphanage, our families helped us form blueprints of how to survive and thrive in the world.

Some of the experiences from our childhood were beneficial. Some of them may have limited our self-expression.

Who we are and how we relate to the world can be understood by discovering and working through the coping and defense mechanisms we learned as children, as well as our underlying beliefs, experiences, memories, and feelings. These, along with the choices we’ve made, shape our attitudes, behaviors, and reactions to the world around us.

By intentionally exploring our beliefs about the world, we can create a new perspective, begin to make new choices, and experience others and our selves in a fresh way. This is precisely the goal of spiritual, therapeutic, and transformative work I do with my clients.

If you’re open to it, the blending of spirituality and psychology can greatly enhance the efficacy of therapy and help you:

Transformative Techniques to Create the Changes You Seek

Spiritual Psychology (also known as Transpersonal Psychology) is a recognized branch of psychotherapy and has been shown to create positive, lasting change in the lives of countless individuals.

While the work we’ll do together may be of a metaphysical and spiritual nature, this is not about any one set of religious beliefs. The spiritual principles and techniques I use in my work have helped men and women from all sorts of social and cultural backgrounds, including those holding traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and values.

Spiritual counseling is about accessing the higher truth within yourself and discovering who you really are. Learning how to tune into yourself and to listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance will not only help you understand and overcome the issues you’re presently struggling with, but help you live life to its fullest potential and create the relationships and life you want.

Some of the transformative, psycho-spiritual techniques I use that clients have found most helpful include:

  • Inner Bonding Inner Bonding offers a complete process for self-healing that allows individuals to develop a personally responsible, loving adult self that can heal pain from the past by connecting to both internal feelings and a source of higher guidance. Inner Bonding typically results in better decision-making capabilities, heightened self-esteem, improved self-care, and the realization of one’s true potential.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) A variant of Energy Psychology that works directly with the body’s energy/meridian system, EFT combines hypnosis, meditation and a gentle tapping technique to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. EFT is highly effective at helping individuals recall and resolve even the most traumatic and stressful life memories without emotional disruption or stress, releasing reflexive fears, quickly, easily, and effectively.
  • Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K) PSYCH-K can help you overcome any false and limiting beliefs that are holding you back by using a combination of cognitive, somatic, and spiritual techniques to reprogram those beliefs into positive statements that help you quickly and effectively work towards and achieve your goals.
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) can help you overcome anxiety, stress, trauma, addictive behaviors or limiting beliefs, as well as gain mental clarity and let go of unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in a gentle, non-invasive and nurturing way.

While many styles of therapy may be effective, my clients have found my unique blend of these three techniques provides the most direct and efficient means to heal pain, discover their true selves, and move forward in their lives.

Of course, there is no “one-size-fits-all” process for creating healing and growth, and we may use any combination of these as well as other mindfulness-based therapeutic techniques depending on your unique personality and needs.

If you’re reading this, you know there is a you who deserves more – a you who is precious and worth paying attention to.

  • If you want to create changes in your life …
  • If you recognize that the life you’re currently living is not the life you signed up for or doesn’t even feel like “living” at all …
  • If you feel somewhere deep inside that you can create the changes you desire and live a life full of joy, acceptance, love, and belonging …
  • If you’re ready to unfold and develop your spirit and become who you were meant to be, finding joy, purpose and meaning, while contributing to others …

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