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Relationship Counseling

by May 1, 2022

Relationship Counseling in San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, CA, California - Elisa 'Lisa' Lipton, LMFTResolving Relationship Issues Starts with Your Relationship with Your Self

There is arguably little that is more important in our lives than our relationships. In fact, our relationships, to a large extent, define who we are. And all of our relationships start with the relationships we have to our selves.

Each and every one of us learned how to be in relation to our selves and others from our families while growing up. Whether our families consisted of a single parent, a large family full of siblings, or an orphanage, our families helped us form blueprints of how to relate to the world at large.

Some of the relationship experiences from our childhood were beneficial. Some of them may have limited our abilities to express our true selves.

Who we are and how we relate to our selves and others can be understood by discovering and working through the coping and defense mechanisms we learned as children, as well as our underlying beliefs, experiences, memories, and feelings. These, along with the choices we’ve made, shape our attitudes, behaviors, and reactions to the world around us.

By intentionally exploring our beliefs about the world, we can create a new perspective, begin to make new choices, and experience others and our selves in a fresh way. This is precisely the goal of spiritual, therapeutic, and transformational work I do with my clients.

By combining powerful new techniques, such as Inner Bonding, EFT, PSYCH-K, and IET with spiritual psychology and more traditional talk therapy, I can help you efficiently and effectively achieve a greater understanding of your true self and the beliefs that are keeping you from enjoying the relationships and life you desire.

When we truly feel love and connection with our selves, it seems that every possibility is available to us, including the ability to create relationships with others that allow us to express our true selves and experience joy.

Only once we’ve learned to understand and love ourselves, can we share this love with others. And, personally, I can’t think of a greater joy in life than sharing love with the people closest to us.

If your relationships are all about conflict or, perhaps worse, feel lifeless, it’s time to look at the reasons you’re stuck, determine what you truly want, and work towards creating it. Please contact me today at (949) 310-2311 to schedule a free, initial phone consultation and take the next step to connecting with your true self and creating the relationships and life you desire.

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