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What is Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K) and Why Should You Care?

What is Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K)? - Elisa 'Lisa' Lipton, LMFTHenry Ford is famously quoted as having said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t … you’re right!” And right he was!

Our thoughts, behaviors, and relationships – indeed our whole lives– are reflections of our beliefs. However, the majority of our beliefs – regardless of whether they lead to helpful or self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, and personality characteristics – are the subconscious results of life-long “programming.”

Psychological kinesiology – also commonly known as PSYCH-K – is the study and application of human movement and how it relates to the core beliefs that are stored in your subconscious mind.

The goal of PSYCH-K is to provide you a fast, user-friendly way to re-program your mind and change any limiting or self-defeating beliefs you have into beliefs that allow you to achieve your goals.

The Development of Psychological Kinesiology

Inspired by a variety of ancient and contemporary processes, psychological kinesiology was developed by a psychotherapist named Robert Williams in the late 1980s as a result of the frustrations he experienced with more traditional counseling techniques.

Typical counseling and psychotherapy rely principally on insight- and motivation-based techniques that require numerous therapy sessions to create long-lasting change.

Mr. Williams’ background in business and psychotherapy led him in search of a results-oriented approach to the treatment of emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Years of research, thousands of hours of clinical experience, and a “blinding flash of the obvious” led to his development of PSYCH-K – a treatment approach that helps people create positive, lasting change both quickly and easily by tapping directly into an individual’s subconscious.

How Psychological Kinesiology Works

Not only do our beliefs have a direct effect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, they also have a direct effect on our physical beings. Accordingly, psychological kinesiology evaluates health according to muscle responses and aims to heal the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our beings directly through the subconscious.

PSYCH-K techniques utilize a series of postures and movements that give people simultaneous access to both left and right hemispheres of the brain.

By simultaneously accessing and increasing the interconnectedness between the two hemispheres of your brain, you achieve a more balanced and “holistic” state, which is ideal for changing subconscious beliefs and maximizing your potential to respond to and resolve life’s challenges.

This balanced state allows you to consciously and intentionally transform any subconscious beliefs or resistances you may have that are sabotaging your efforts to achieve your goals.

As opposed to years of psychotherapy, PSYCH-K techniques can help you change self-limiting beliefs into beliefs that support your goals and help you live the life you want in a matter of hours, or even minutes.

Additionally, you need not be under hypnosis, in a trance state, or unconscious for PSYCH-K techniques to be effective. In fact, in order to learn the techniques so you may perform them yourself later, you should be completely conscious, awake, and actively involved throughout the process.

Is PSYCH-K Right for You?

Due to the limiting, subconscious beliefs we hold, most people don’t live up to their full potential.

Unfortunately, replacing limiting belief systems with more beneficial beliefs usually takes quite a bit of time and effort …

But psychological kinesiology can provide you a safe, fast, non-invasive, and effective way to dissolve your subconscious resistance to changing your beliefs and creating positive change in your life.

PSYCH-K techniques can help you release negative thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns, while dramatically accelerating your personal growth and helping you achieve your emotional, behavioral, and physical goals.

And PSYCH-K techniques can help you with a wide variety of issues, including helping you:

  • Overcome the pain and discomfort associated with chronic illness or other health issues;
  • Decrease anxiety and stress;
  • Resolve issues such as guilt and grief;
  • Put and end to addictive behaviors and other bad habits;
  • Improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships;
  • Increase your productivity and prosperity;
  • … and more!

Best of all, PSYCH-K techniques are simple to use and easy to learn.

If you’re interested in getting at the root causes of your problems quickly so you can begin creating the changes you desire to set yourself up for lifelong success, you should consider locating a practitioner of psychological kinesiology in your area.

Just remember, PSYCH-K can provide you the tools to access and change underlying attitudes and beliefs so you can create and sustain positive, lasting change. However, it is you who create the results!

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