Psychological Kinesiology Mission Viejo, PSYCH-K Mission Viejo cultivate diflucan one where to buy What is PSYCH-K? depreciate All of our thoughts and beliefs are not only stored in our minds, they are also stored in our bodies.

find out here now rate Psychological Kinesiology, also known as PSYCH-K, is a process that uses movement to release the blocked energy in your body that’s associated with the limiting core beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.

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buy hyaluronic acid dissect Like EFT, PSYCH-K is based on the idea that our bodies are energy systems and is used to identify where our thoughts and feelings are creating energetic breaks or blocks in our bodies with the goal of releasing these blocks by engaging the mind and body simultaneously.

marlow single braid Since our beliefs and how we relate to the world are things we learn and develop as children, by intentionally exploring our beliefs and “undoing” those beliefs that are no longer serving our best interests, we can create a new perspective, begin to make new choices, and experience others and our selves in a fresh way.

pretty woman single link This is precisely the goal of PSYCH-K and the spiritual, therapeutic, and transformational the work I do with my clients. Unlike EFT, which is extremely effective at releasing the limiting beliefs we hold, PSYCH-K actually works to “reprogram” these beliefs into more positive, consciously chosen statements that help direct the brain to work towards our desired goals. It is important to note that this process is progynova price rank not about denying past experiences. PSYCH-K simply helps us tune into possibilities that are more resourceful, more conducive to expansion and personal growth, while simultaneously releasing the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and stress we hold in our minds and bodies. I have found that this cutting edge approach has helped my clients create positive, lasting changes both efficiently and effectively and am excited to be able to offer it as part of the transformational services I offer.

rencontre avec homme americain For more information about PSYCH-K and how it can help you release the energy blocks stored in your mind and body and recreate the beliefs you hold so you can create the relationships, joy, and life you desire, contact me today at (949) 310-2311 to schedule a free, initial phone consultation.

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Lisa Lipton, LMFT – Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K)
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